An Overview about the Newly Introduced PHP 7 Beta

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It is predicted that the PHP 7 will be released during the October-November 2015. This is the most awaited version after PHP 5.X. It is introduced with the latest updates, features and articles. This lightning fast update has been processed to a beta stage.

The technical department releases a fact that throughput of version 7.0.0 is three times better than the PHP 5.6. reveal that core scripting engine of 7.0.0 is functioning twice fast with compare to 5.6 version. Additionally, a new version release reduces a requirement of server deployment. It offers developers a 64 bit support, anonymous classes, return type and scalar type declarations, etc. Easy removal of old and unsupported server API extensions offer a pleasant web development experience to the developers.

PHP website developers can easily get rid of the errors due to accurate error handling feature. Even many fatal errors will now become exceptions. A second beta version release date is finalized as July 2015. invites all the developers to test their new version. Anyone can report them for any incompatibility or bugs found in the bug tracking system. Users are free to review the new version. The resources have warned users for not using this version in production.

A new operator <=> has been introduced in the version 7.0.0. This is almost similar with the TIE fighter. It has been dubbed with the spaceship operator. Developers can use this operator while sorting and for the combined comparisons. The developers will now be able to declare that which kind of return type function they are expecting. Additionally, argument type hints and return type declarations support new scalar types. Developers can declare what they are expecting like, strings, floats, ints, bools, etc. PHP 7.0.0 is based on the PHPNG (PHP Next-Gen). Upgrade the PHP without altering a single line of code.


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