A list of ordinary Mistakes done by the Mobile App Developer

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The mobile applications take a big jump, if their functionalities are flawless and user centric. Multiple factors affect the success of mobile applications. The most practiced developers always build thriving applications without any mistakes. The newbie developers sometimes make common mistakes in the development and here is a list.

No user friendly applications:

It is important to consider the user requirements. The app will be worthless if users find it not at all useful. Sometimes this situation happens, when client explains complete requirements, but developer cannot understand it properly. Some newbie developers have lacking points and that affect the future of application. It is a big mistake that, if you are not experienced developer and still take the big project of mobile app development. The users immediately uninstall the unnecessary applications from their devices. Developers must have the skills to define all the user requirements through their coding.

Lacking of proper navigation:

Developers sometimes build a complex application. This is not acceptable by the users. The actual users always wanted to have an app with the smooth navigation. Reputed mobile app development company takes care of this point. Developers must have to make the complete navigation chart in their mind or on paper by talking with the clients directly. All the steps and must be logical and links must be put smartly for an easy navigation.

Unnecessary Stuff:

Integration of exclusive features is interesting. Some interesting features sometimes seem unnecessary and clutter. It is not good for the app’s future to put the clutter that becomes hurdle in the proper flow of app using. Users attract with the thriving functionalities of app. This becomes worthless if they not find it of use. For the developer it is a basic requirement to stick with the core features first. Sometimes, the basic features served in unique way can also make the app successful.

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Pratik is an inventive Android application developer. He is proficient to deal with the technologies such as JSON, NFC, XMPP, etc. He has developed many applications of different categories for the varied industry verticals that are live in the app store and doing well. He always utilizes the most recent tools and frequently blogs about the latest tweaks regarding Android OS.

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