Make your Business site ready for the Google Mobilegeddon Update

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Google has started penalizing the websites that are not mobile friendly. Last week, Google’s Mobilegeddon update went into effect. Google has notified all the site owners before applying this effect. First check that your website is mobile friendly or not with the help of Google’s tool. Insert your site URL in the Google’s tool and you will get the accurate results within some seconds.
If your site is not mobile friendly then you may loss the rankings and traffic due to the Mobilegeddon effect. A traffic coming to your website through the mobile search will definitely reduce. You have not heeded the Google’s notification about this update and still your site is not mobile friendly, then you have to move on quickly and get the site mobile friendly. Find the solutions by yourself and hire a proficient website designer to formulate a mobile friendly site quickly.

It is very easy for the websites that are built using the basic WordPress theme. For these kind of websites, you can easily switch out to a mobile friendly design. This is only possible if your website is having so simple layout. The business owners that wanted to make customized designs hire dedicated designers and developers and create the amazing web, they cannot switch easily for the mobile friendly designs.

First of all, you are required to remove the links that are too closer as it is difficult to click on a phone. The experienced designers will include the buttons instead of these links. If you really want these links, then put the appropriate spacing between them. For a mobile friendly site, minimum font size must be 16 points minimum. As the mobile screens are small, the fonts must be appropriate that can be read without pinching and stretching more. The objective of this update is to give the most relevant information with the finest user experience.

Check Your website is Mobile Friendly or not: Click Here

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