Focus on the Most Engaging Web Design Approaches 2015

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A technology advances rapidly for the web design and development. Search engine rollouts and the recent sizzling trends must have to be considered in the actual clients’ projects. If we look back on the year, 2014 we found many inclinations for the very short time. The web designers must have to look forward for a better end user experience. According to the styles of web designing, designers must have to adapt the dynamic changes for the perfection and eye catching visibility. The web design inclinations for the year 2015 are:

Web pages Background

It is predicted that, the most superlative websites are including the HTML5 videos in the web page background. But make sure it is not a promotional. The reputed business brands have already done this to move on with the ultimate visitor experience. It is a designers’ concern to arrive with the innovative color combinations and designs which represent actual and accurate information.

Responsive Web Design is Essential

According to the statistical reports we can know that, in the year 2015 more and more individuals who are accessing through the desktops are moving towards the smartphones and mobile app browsing. Thus, it will be valued less if a website is not responsive for the tablets, and various smartphone devices people are using.

Adapting the Flat Designs

Flat design is staying with the efficiency in the year 2015. A picture speaks more than the words. Thus, the designs will follow this strategy for the actual message passing and business branding as well. The modern user interface must be acquired for the flat designs.

Images are Getting Larger and Ghost Buttons

The images included in the web pages are totally interactive and storytelling. In 2015, the large and high definition images are used in the backgrounds with the Ghost buttons. As the time has moved on, there are no limitations for the size of image.

More Scrolling is Preferred other than Clicking

In 2015, we can see that, scrolling is dominating the clicking. As a web access through the mobile devices is at its peak point, scrolling is more convenient. A dynamic visitor experience with the dawn load times is accepted. One page scrolling is SEO friendly, when it is information about your company, key products and services, etc.

Parallax Scrolling

This technique is utilized to create real visibility. It is proved that, by applying parallax scrolling effects in the site, you can improve it as much as 70%. Thus, this concept is in a light during the year 2015.


Mr. Jay is a founder and CEO of Vrinsoft Technology, an outsourcing company for the IT services. He has spent his 10+ years in the industry so that having a good experience and expertise in the project coordination, business development, dealing with global clients, etc. As an entrepreneur in the area of web and mobile app development, he has also published many blogs and articles on latest web based technology, development tips, and mobility solutions.