Apple TV: Features and Reviews

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People over the globe are always excited, even for the release date of Apple devices. People also spread many rumors regarding this topic. Specifically, for the apple TV, we all wanted to know the latest updates and launching. It has been a long time, waiting for the updates in Apple TV. As we all know, it is not a TV with the large screen. It is just a tiny box. And you can plug in the cable with your TV. It connects wireless and we can view the films, TV programs, listen iTunes music, and much more.

Users can easily connect with the iTunes stores and rent the TV programs, films etc. as their choices. We were having the hopes, from the apple to launch the updated device. Instead they have cut the prices of the latest devices. Many reports reveal the different reasons for, why the apple does not have launched an updated TV. Some say that, Apple is supposed to launch the Netflix rival at the point. Some resources say that, Apple is planning to launch the TV in the WWDC-2015. It will have a new iTunes music streaming service.

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It is said that as per the recent plans of Apple, there are going to introduce the Beats based music streaming service. A service is arriving as a part of an iOS 8.4 update. It is integrated with the iOS music app and Apple TV. The Apple TV is supposed to be a more slimmer along with the redesigned operating system. For the first time, we will have the Apple TV app store. Some of the resources that are familiar with the company’s upcoming plans are saying that, Apple TV is arriving with the software kit for developers. This will allow them to build the apps specifically for the set-top box.

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