An Overview of Android’s upcoming Release Android M

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Google’s senior vice president Sundar Pichai has introduced a pre-release version of Android M at the Google I/O conference held in San Francisco, California. Android M focuses on the stability and usability of the software. The big leaps of Android M are supposed to be play a dominating role in user centric Android devices.

App Permission System:
Android M is going to allow users to approve and deny the security permissions. The user permission will be required for instance data use, like camera and location address. Android M have 8 different categories of permissions for the app access. App permissions will be required when the app is installed.

Revamped browsing experience:
Chrome browser is updated with the new feature “chrome custom tabs”. With revamp browsing experience, users can insert web views directly in their application. Experience of autofill and multi-process security is enhanced.

App linking system upgrade:
Built-in-app linking system upgrade directs the apps to open content instantly without showing a dialogue box every time. For ex, if you click a facebook link in email, then you will be directed to the facebook app. System will not probe that actually user wants to view it or not.

Android Pay:
The most anticipated announcement is that, Google wallet app is going to be replaced by Android Pay. This enhanced payment system uses NFC and Host card Emulation. Even the app developers will be able to easily integrate the Android pay in their app and make the in-app payments and purchases flawless.

Improved battery life:
A new integrated feature Doze is there to manage all the background process seamlessly. The process will be closed automatically, if a device does not detect any activity since a long time. It indirectly saves a battery life by up to two times.

Quick Charging:
Android M is going to support native USB Type-C. It facilitates the users with the faster and easier charging.


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