4 Most Popular Open Source Web Development Platforms for Upcoming Era/ Nowadays

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In a recent scenario of the e-world, most businesses are running through online marketing, websites and web apps. Smart business owners have their own sites and apps to grow their business reputation. Digital media offer them an extreme opportunity to establish brand and increase popularity among people. In advanced technology, eventually new tools are developed and emerged. Developers need to learn and being updated with new techs to build trendy and innovative websites. According to this, open source platforms are evergreen and more demanded in today’s market. Reason is, they are available free of cost and provides flexibility, stability, freedom, audibility, faster & easier to build, scalability and innovation to program and use.

Being a potential business enthusiast, It is always a good idea to select an open source platform to reach to the targeted customers. To fulfill this purpose, explore the web, choose a leading website development company India who provides professional website development services and hire creative web developer from it, who able to work efficiently in different technologies like: PHP, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, HTML 5 and so on. Here are the first-rate open source web development tools mentioned, which speed-up development process effectively.


Who aims to develop a website, Apache is the world’s most used and needed web server. Though source code is freely available, any enthusiast may adapt this first web server tool for a specific programming purpose. It serves rapidness and the most reliability, server side programming support, for a development and authentication. But, especially for the initiator, it is little difficult to use & understand.


Eclipse is a premier open source tool for the most productive and strong programming language, Java. Generally, every Java programmer or experts develop web apps using eclipse. Since it offers extreme comfy and straightforward work environment that felt professionals ease to code. Besides this, there is an additional advancement; Eclipse gets a PHP plugin also. Thus, you may fulfil PHP Application development needs simultaneously using this framework.


This is one of the famous open source tools which have been used by a large community of web developers. It is used to handle the administrate of MySql database using a web browser over the www. This platform able to perform plenty of tasks : create-modify-delete databases, tables and fields, execute SQL queries and manage users as well as permissions.


XAMPP is a free cross-platform web server. Means, able to work equally on Mac, Windows, Linux for developing web applications. It is lightweight, simple and easy to install and create a local web server for testing motive. Also a developer can set server apps(Apache), database(MariaDB or MySql) and scripting language(PHP) bundle within XAMPP.

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